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Discussions and Praise for Stories in the Tales of Valor forum.
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Tales of Valor (IC)

IC rumour mill

(The purpose of this thread is provide information and rumours that may affect other people's RPAs we are spread out across timezones, I personally find it hard to keep abreast of everything that happens RP-wiseHopefully this thread can help remed...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

Trouble in Poitain

(OOC note - I have had some ongoing mail RP with various persons. Now it has moved to involve RL, so posting here with authors' permission)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(OOC note. Qis...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

The Sage and the Swordsman

(OOc note, this Ic narrative takes place about a week around *Date November 11th, 2015* for purposes of tracking it in AOC RP timeline)The SageEmil and Lleilwin hurried to their home, the Castagnier Villa. They could hear the heavy tolling of the ...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

Descent....Battle of Hel

Descent……Emil set down his cup of Kaf “Very well my dear….I’ll tell you all of it”.He looked into the flickering small fire of the candles at the table and began to recount his tale.“It all started with a dream”*several weeks earlier*A fire was sl...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

An Unusual Proposition

An Unusual Proposition A young man, dressed much like a Pictish savage warily enters the Serpent's Head Inn and approaches the counter. His savage appearance does not stop with his dress. His head is shaved, except for a braided topknot of black h...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

Of Great Lords, Vendhya and Pussycats.

"The hells is that?!" Arash looked at the animal's head that now laid in front of his brother."I have no idea but it looks like a cat." Vahram shaked his head."The gods, this Vendhyans." Meshkatian shaked his head in disbelieve " They are riding f...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

Sands of the Desert

The Sands of the DesertPart I Tullia screamed in pain as the baby inside her fought his way into the world. A seer had once told her she would be the mother of a son who would wield great power, though whether that power would be used for good or ...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

In Exile

Barachan nights are sweltering and humid, and this particular night the sea-fog settled over the proud masts and carved stone towers of the pirate haven like a wool blanket. The stars, moon and lamp-fires of Tortage were dampened and the sounds of...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

Journal of Jiahuo

Entry...I Have Lost TrackI really should not be writing my thoughts down any more. There are too many prying eyes in the west. But perhaps a few, harmless ramblings put down with brush upon scroll can ease the thickening cloud behind my eyes.Busin...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

Journal of Jia Huo (Old)

Entry 1 I take up my brush to document my journeys here in the West, with three purposes at hand. Firstly, to document for the sake of history, so that posterity might learn from what has transpired in this generation. Secondly, so that for any re...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

The Shadow

The sun crept into the horizon, slowly disappearing behind the watery line drawn against the sky. Yet the city of Khemi, never sleeps. It only quiets down, but not like a calm forest, but like a nest of ants... you barely notice any change.The hoo...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

A little more colloquialism of Leo the Foyste

"Laid up in the slap-bang dive. It's all cloyes and gamesters here. Saw a cub skinned by a sharper. Poor git nevvah saw the buttoner in the hole when the flats got dealt. It's all a racket anyroads. Tch."---Which translates to: "I visited a gambli...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

Canting lore in the mead-hall.

Screaming madly, Rushing in-- Sea of bodies crushing, One against another, The horde swells like a giant wave Fathers and sons will fall They scream the warrior's song, "Onward! To fortune and glory!" "Conquer! Until we climb to Valhalla!" "And re...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

Some colloquialism and slang of Leo the Foyste

"Olde Towne" - Tarantia"The Bottoms" or "The Gutters" - The Commons District of Tarantia. Leo's home. Sometimes Leo will call other city slums by these names."The Sticks" - Khemi, due to the city's proximity to the River Styx."Ma & Da" - Const...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

Journey to Khitai

The ShipRafine watched as the ship she was on slowly slid away from the pier. Her eyes were steady, calculating the repercussions of her decision in her mind each passing second. Her hands leaned gently to the railing, her eyes slowly wandering to...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

RP transcripsts and screen shots from "The Zingarin Jailbreak" pt. 1 Voyage.

The Syndicate has taken a contract with a noble family in the Zingarin port city of Kordava. Their task is to rescue an elder who is being held hostage by a rival family. Captain Raven and Leo depart from the Syndicate's staging point, Messantia a...
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Tales of Valor (IC)

Lure of the Sea

LURE OF THE SEAA wet sheet and a flowing sea,A wind that follows fast,And fills the white and rustling sail,And bends the gallant mast.— Allan Cunningham: A Wet Sheet and a Flowing SeaPrologueHe forced his neck into a noose,To show his play at fas...
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