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Red Lotus - Where East Meets West
"A wise old man once said 'You must find the way'. And I have found it. It is exceedingly simple. I will chop off your head. Then you too will know the way."

- Diary of a Khitan Madman

Red Lotus is an RP Guild on the Crom server of Age of Conan, bringing a blend of eastern and western cultures together. Spanning the length of the Silk Road from Stygia to Khitai, with major hubs in Zamora, Turan, and Hyrkania, Red Lotus seeks to bring profit and glory to its members through smuggling, mercenary work, slave trade, and just about anything else that pays well. Still interested? Take a look around, and speak to any of our members for more information.
Jiahuo / Sep 26, 2015
I, Jiahuo of Paikang, have led this guild since rebranding it as Red Lotus over a year ago. In the past six months, it has grown beyond my expectations. However, now I am reaching a point in my life where I cannot contribute nearly as much as I would like to. Therefore, I am now stepping down as Guild Leader, and passing on the reins. Rafine is officially the new leader of Red Lotus. She will be in charge of all aspects of the guild moving forward. Please give her your full support. It was a pleasure and an honor to have been guild leader, and I will continue onwards with the guild as a member whenever I have the time to be online. Thank you.