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(OOC note - I have had some ongoing mail RP with various persons. Now it has moved to involve RL, so posting here with authors' permission)

(OOC note. Qisa is in service of Emil and Lleilwin)

Qi pulled her cloak more tightly around her shoulders as she silently cursed the cooler climate of Poitain.

For the past few weeks, Qi had scouted the areas around Fort Conviction as well as the fortress itself. Qi kept careful notes of the supply trains going to and from the fortress. She noted the numbers of Typhorius' soldiers and the types; archer, foot soldier, mage, or other.

Qi was careful, never taking any unnecessary risks. She had yet to hear any talk concerning Nashura or to feel any touch upon her mind. She had hoped to have learned something but her failure to do so was going to force her hand.

For now, she avoided the tunnels beneath the Fort, not wanting to alert anyone to her presence. The enemy was certain to be watching those tunnels closely. She doubted Nashura or Typhorius were fools.

Qi left her reports in an agreed upon spot out in the countryside for Raven to collect and forward to her mistress and master. Qi knew the reports would have a lot of redundant information for her owners but Qi also knew that any bit of information might be the key Lleilwin and Emil needed to succeed. Better to share everything than to hold anything back. Her masters could decide for themselves what was useful or worthless.

Qi lowered herself to squat closer to the ground. It had taken her endless and frustrating hours to get close enough to the Harbinger of Kao without being detected. The winds of Poitain shifted too many times, in Qi's opinion, to be natural. Qi suspected magic at work.

The shifting winds seemed to agitate the Harbinger as well, the creature acted nervously.

Qi settled in for a long wait. Her training as an assassin had well prepared her for such things. Qi emptied her mind of distractions as she reached out with her senses to her surroundings. The Harbinger had to hunt or go to a stream to drink eventually. Once it did, she would move in to ravage its home. Then, chaos would follow.


Qisa smiled to herself as the Harbinger of Kao moved off to the Southwest.

For days, Qi had waited for the Harbinger to move but the spooked beast had not cooperated. Something had the beast agitated beyond the need to hunt or drink. Finally, Qi was able to shoot down three large deer, the bloody carcasses nearby. The scent of the blood was too much for the beast to resist and it moved off in the directions of the bodies.

Qi waited a few minutes then moved in to where the Harbinger nested. Qi checked the direction of the wind. It was now or never.

Qi reached into a sack she had hung around her shoulders and pulled out some breeches, a shirt, and some bed linens. Qi wondered if Typhorius even missed the items. She doubted it as she smirked, remembering the theft. Her disguise to move around the Fort was one of a menial slave, a kitchen and laundry scullion not worth any ones' attention. Qi had washed more clothes than she cared to remember in an effort to get close to overhear the soldiers and officers in their quarters. Qi had relayed everything via Raven in her reports. She had been shocked when a guard made her take some of the General's clothes and bedding to wash. Of course, Qi was not allowed to linger in the room and never to get close to Typhorius' desk. The guard had simply tossed the things at her and told her to scrub them good else she would be beaten.

Qi spread Typhorius' things around the nest then upset whatever of the surroundings to make sure the Harbinger would make note of the destruction. Now, it was a race. She would run back to the Fortress and hide the eggs inside. She had no doubt the Harbinger would follow and tear down the fort to get her revenge. If Qi was very lucky, the Harbinger would link the scent on the clothes and bedding with the General. Maybe, Nashura would have to reveal itself to save any rate, the chaos would be awesome. Qi had a place picked out to watch the spectacle.
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(My reply)
Titus Typhorius strode through the gates of Fort Conviction to the cheering of his men, his focus targeted on -not- limping or groaning from the battering he had just taken at the 'hands' of the Harbinger of Kao. His armour was more or less shredded, and he was, more or less, bathed in blood from the creature.
He saw Rafine, his mercenary ally, exit the watchtower by the gates where she had directed the crossbow fire that had hammered the creature at every possible turn. Damn, Titus felt sure he had felt a few of those bolts hammer at his own armour. She had probably fired the balista bolt which had impaled and ended the Harbinger.
"Welcome back, General", she called out merrily as she approached him through the the ranks of the crossbowmen who were leaving the walls.
Normally, Titus would have responded with equal frivolity, but he was hurting.. and he was furious!
"That thrice-damned monster didn't just decide to attack the fort, Rafine", he growled as Rafine approached "It had focus and purpose and I seemed to enrage it even further".
"I did notice, it seemed especially happy to see you", Rafine smirked at him "I put it down to your 'animal magnetism'"
Despite his anger, Titus grinned at Rafine as she easily deflected his anger and calmed him with mere words.
"Well, something had that thing stirred and unhappy, and I want to know why that is", he snorted as he made his way to the temple. He had already imbibed a potion that should stop any possible poison the creture might have had in it's claws and stinger, but a visit to the Mitran temple would be the wise thing to do now.
"I want every crevice of the city searched and I want every newcomer who has joined us in the last week interogated. If anyone arouses your suspicion put them before Nashura and she'll dig out what secret they may harbour".
Rafine nodded as they approached the temple "Would be wise to take a few days off and recover, Titus"
Titus shook his head "One day only. Tomorrow I leave for Tesso to see to the caravan. Now that we know we have intruders in Poitain, it is vital it gets underway as soon as possible. If we cannot secure the Aquilonian harvest, we have no bargaining chip in the upcoming negotiations":
Rafine lifted an eyebrow "You really intend to sit down with the Swordsman and negotiate, even after what Harkhem divulged?"
"I have already dispacthed an envoy to contact the lord Castagnier", Titus replied.
"Well, then I won't try to talk you out of it, my dear," Rafine smirked. "One trait I do admire about you is your stubbornness".
And with a parting smirk Rafine left Titus to drag his beaten carcass of a body to the temple, just hoping the Harbinger didn't have any upset mates or offspring around.

(OOC note, Ty and Rafine brought Down the Harbinger 5 times, once for IC, 4 times to try and get achievement)
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(OOC note: Lleilwin is the wife of Emil, Atlis Emil's Brother - They had set out to intercept the transport mentioned in IC rumour mill)

Lleilwin grunted as she tigthened the bandage around her arm.
She looked up as the cursing voice of Atlis came from one of the overturned horsewagons "Fuck! Most of these crates are empty! Not even a tenth part of the Tesso harvest is here, Lleil!"
She scanned her surroundings as she got to her feet wearily.
The Poitain countryside in autumn was a tranquil sight, if you left out the mangled bodies of the fifteen soldiers who had been guarding this caravan, lying hacked and cut, feeding the soil with their lifeblood.
She made her way to the wagon, looking in. Atlis looked up, the various cuts he had suffered already healed. ""The moment they started firing silver arrows at yer, I suspected this was a trap. I thought the caravan be lightly guarded, but these soldiers were veterans. They didn't once panic, even the one, who rode off as the battle favoured us, did so with purpose, not in blind terror". She winced as she shifted in her armour, trying to move without putting too much strain on her bruised ribs.
"This Typhorius is a cunning one, I'll give him that, sister". Atlis nodded to himself. "He was clearly expecting me to show up, but he hadn't counted on you, had he?"
Lleilwin shook her head, fingers twirling a ring spun of gold thread and hair on her right index finger.
"No, still 'twas a close call, though. But all this makes me wonder, if 'twas merely a trap he was setting fer yer, Atlis. What if there be a second purpose ter this setup?"
Atlis squinted at Lleil, then rose and jumped off the wagon "You are thinking this was a decoy?"
"Aye, ter draw us away, while Typhorius secures the rest o' the harvest, is me thought."
Atlis nodded "That would make sense. I suppose we should expect devious tactics from a former Aquilonian General. We must move at best speed back to Tesso, sister"
Lleilwin looked at the wagons "We have one task first, Wolf Eyes. If we don't have the time to retrieve what part of the harvest there is here, we certainly shouldn't leave it for Typhorius."

They looked each other in the eyes. This part of the harvest, meager as it was, could mean the difference between life and death to the people of Tarantia, if the rest of the harvest wasn't secured.
Then they gave each other a silent nod and set to work.

The collumn of smoke from the burning wagons would send a clear statement to the rogue General
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Qi cursed as she watched the Harbinger die for Nashura had never revealed itself. She turned away and sat with her back up against the rock she was hiding behind as the cheers of Typhorius' men drifted to her ears.

Qi brooded. All she had accomplished was to galvanize the troops resolve to their general and to stir the Fort up like a hornets nest. Her Master and Mistress would not be pleased. Now, she HAD to enter the tunnels to learn what she could about Nashura to expose her. As the men continued to cheer Typhorius, Qi planned her next move.
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Qi waited patiently from her hiding spot behind a thick oak tree. The oak was tall and the shadows cast by it's crown of leaves hid Qisa well.

Silently, Qisa counted off the seconds in her mind. The dragon Nasura (sp?), had flown out from a nearby cave and Qi meant to enter that cave to see if she could learn anything about the small dragon. Qi knew the tunnels around the Fort well from her days in House Invicta, but she did not remember the cave she was watching. That in itself was very odd to her. Ilalotha an Qi had explored every inch of this countryside. At least, they thought they had.

Once Qi felt confident the dragon was not returning, she crept forward and entered the dark cave. Qi entered as far as the light pierced the darkness, then she stepped into the black and waited for her eyes to adjust in the dim light.
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Qi inched forward as far as she could but then was forced to light a single candle in order to continue. The tunnel was wide enough for the small dragon to fly through easily enough, the dank walls coated with dirt and grime. The floor was level but covered with nameless refuse which Qi thought best not to examine too closely. The cold damp air reeked of some strange foul stench that Qi had never smelled before.

Qi pulled up her veil to cover her nose and mouth, leaving just a narrow line for her eyes to squint from. Moving cautiously, Qi spotted the first trap before she got too close to it. Qi lowered herself slightly to examine the mechanism. Long ago, Lord Atrinark, Regent of House Invicta had ordered these tunnels built under the Fortress. The network extended for miles in every direction, allowing the Invictans to slip undetected to and from the Keep The tunnels had proved invaluable when a Nemedian army had come to lay siege to the old fortress. The tunnels were littered with hundreds of death traps, Qi and Ila had set many with their own hands. Memories from that time flooded Qi's mind for a few painful moments before she shook her head and focused back on the business at hand.

Qi rose to her natural height then jumped up to catch a hidden rung in the ceiling. The rungs were spaced out evenly along the ceiling so one could use them to crawl along with the hands and feet. The rungs were carefully concealed so they would not be noticed unless you knew to look for them. Qi let go of the rung once she was convinced it would not break free of the ceiling from her weight. She tied a string around the base of the candle then looped it so it would hand down freely from her neck as she crawled along the ceiling. Once set, Qi held the candle base in her mouth as she jumped to catch the rung with both hands. Pulling herself up, Qi got her feet into rungs then let the candle slip from her mouth to hang down below, casting it's meager light. Qi's training had made her ready for such things, though she was disgusted by the slimy feel of the metal rungs as she inched along deeper into the network of tunnels.

After a long while, having avoided more than a few ground traps, Qi was shocked when her hand closed around a trapped rung. Pain shot up her arm causing her to loose her grip. Qi barely had time to cry out as the poison from the trap needle burned through her veins and she fell heavily into the muck below. The impact snuffed out her candle, the darkness swallowing her form as she passed out.
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(this is as chat exerpt from the IC trial of Qisa. It takes place in the arena beneath the keep. Present was Qisa, Illwariel, Aurylla, Anuk-Sheptep, Laylia, Isriun and Typhorius - Thanks to all who attended)


[Qisa] is hunched over as she hobbles after Typhorius
[Isriun]: -laughs- Guapo you impress
[Qisa] winces in pain as she limps.
[Aurylla] looks at Ty, then at the naked woman
[Aurylla]: WHAT is going on here, Typhorius? Ihave duties to attend to.
[Typhorius] pulls the leash attached to the naked woman's collar
[Typhorius]: All will be explained
[Isriun]: Not one of the Puta's I brough along my caravan no, -eyes the naked southern girl- the culebra girl is fetching
[Qisa] is covered in bruises. Blood seeps from scores of lash marks over her skin
[Aurylla] growls defiantly.
[Isriun]: Though I say she needs a little cleaning up, Si
[Typhorius] pulls Qi's leash and drags her into the arena
[Qisa] tries to look around with one eye bruised and swollen shut. Qi resists being tugged
[Aurylla] cocks an eyebrow in curiosity, but still looks more annoyed than anything.
[Typhorius] growls and lashes the leash across Qi's face
[Typhorius]: Here! *snarls
[Aurylla]: Typhorius, if all you plan is for us to witness the breaking of a new slave, then I will excuse myself.
[Typhorius]: This is a trial
[Qisa] spits blood on the floor then winces as the lash bites into her skin, " Where is your dragon?"
[Typhorius] 's voice is thunderous, angry
[Aurylla] starts to stand straight from her position and ... pauses when she hears the word "Trial"
[Typhorius]: Silence, cunt! *growls*
[Qisa] 's face turns with the slap,
[Typhorius]: You stand accused of planning to destroy our lands
[Isriun]: -tilts her head to the side, watching, an amused smile seen even with her hood up-
[Typhorius]: Firstly by trying to draw the Harbinger of Kao up us
[Typhorius] backhands her again, harder this time
[Aurylla] loooks pissed, and a bit alarmed, suddenly realizing the girl must be a spy or something similiar...
[Typhorius]: Then secondly by sabotaging the Harvest captured in Tesso
[Layliia]: *tilts her head, watches*
[Qisa] almost loses her balance from the strike but manages to keep her feet
[Typhorius]: Costing us dearly in our negotiation attempt for peace *snarls*
[Illwariel] winces at every slap Qisa receives
[Aurylla] purses her lips
[Typhorius] snarls as he turns the last slap into a punch to Qi's unprotected stomach
[Qisa] manages to hiss at Ty, " Peace? You want peace after what happened in Tesso and Tarantia? Your dragonling master wants no peace."
[Aurylla] smirks "Looks like we are skipping the trial and jumping right to the punishment phase... Can I help?"
[Qisa] doubles over and pukes what little is left in her stomach onto the floor at Ty's feet
[Typhorius]: Incidently, you managed to sentence the Tarantia population to famine, but this is not my concern
[Typhorius]: This... *growls* is merely the beginning
[Typhorius] grips Qi by her throat and drags her close
[Qisa]: Fuck all of you and your peace. I wish House Invicta was here to kill you all for what you have done
[Anukshektep] 's thin, sallow lips peel into a rotten smile of jagged, yellow teeth.
[Typhorius]: Invicta is dead, little girl
[Isriun]: Hrm, spirit the little culebra has, Si Si, all the more amusing to break to will upon lash and boot hell
[Qisa] tries to spit on Ty's clothes
[Typhorius]: Dead by indifference *closes his hand around her throat*
[Typhorius]: By your former lords.... By Conan...
[Typhorius] leans and hisses "They betrayed us!"
[Qisa] snarls as his fingers close around her throat, " Invicta is not dead.... not yet."
[Isriun]: Guapo! -speaks in a sharp tone- Come now, best not deprive her the chance to enjoy your lengthy attentions no?
[Isriun]: -looks over her shoulder to the blonde woman kneeling and snaps her fingers- come
[Aurylla] eyes the strange woman who seems to think she has some authority here.
[Typhorius] growls, his hand starting to strangle Qi, then relents
[Illwariel] looks asking to Typhorius
[Typhorius]: I have already made her squirm numerous times, Isriun
[Isriun]: Si si, but what better sport then doing so for others to see no?
[Typhorius] releases Qisa, flinging her to the ground
[Anukshektep]: No, Zingaran. Typhorius must make an example of this harridan.
[Illwariel] moves forward and kneels again, giving a nice look on her
[Qisa] lands hard on floor
[Typhorius]: This one will be made an example of *growls*
[Isriun] reaches and runs her fingers through the blonde woman's hair "Dios, now aren't you a pretty thing Aureo
[Aurylla] 's eyes twinkle with a wicked amuzement.
[Typhorius]: You wish to cross me, you better make certain you do it proper
[Illwariel] eyes the woman from the winkle of her eyes but remains in position

[Layliia]: I restate my offer for the record, this woman has been a thorn in the Prince's side. I am sure we can come to an arrangement for her purchase
[Typhorius]: No, even was I of a mind to let her live, I have other uses for her
[Qisa]: So, you serve the dragonling as well Laylia? I am not surprised
[Typhorius] kicks Qisa in the stomach
[Layliia]: I serve Neverlin and my House
[Qisa] graons as she rolls over from the kick
[Typhorius]: Shut your mouth, spy
[Qisa]: You serve a pathetic little dragonling.... A runt...
[Anukshektep]: Charlatans. Stifle your solicitations, acolyte. Blood must flow in Poitain.
[Qisa]: A coward that hides
[Typhorius] puts his foot on Qisa's throat, adding pressure
[Qisa] is silenced but tries to shove Ty's foot off her throat
[Typhorius]: Now then... For the record, how do you plead to the charges made against you?
[Typhorius] lifts his boot slightly allowing Qisa to talk

/lost a bit of transcript here, Qisa pleads guilty to bringing the Harbonger of Kao to the city and destroying the Tesso Harvest. Typhorius condemns her to death and Qisa demands trial by combat, challenging Typhorius

[Qisa]: Your dragon fears me as well
[Typhorius] shakes his head "No Isriun... It is a custom not to deny a dying wish
[Typhorius] looks at Qisa "Is this your dying wish, wench?"
[Anukshektep]: You cannot truly be contemplating this absurd proposition!
To [Isriun]: I know, but Qi asked for Ty
[Qisa]: Give me my daggers and you will see what I wish for
[Aurylla] chuckles with amusement
[Typhorius] grins at Anuk "I favour my sports, be it in bed or in the arena
[Typhorius]: I will... face you, wench... and then I will piss on your corpse
[Anukshektep]: Only an Aquilonian would arm his prisoner!
[Anukshektep] snarls in frustration.
[Isriun]: Hush Culebra! Keep your forked tongue at bay.
[Qisa] rises to her feet
[Layliia]: you strike me as being a bit moody
[Typhorius]: There is... *grins* honour at stake
[Anukshektep]: Away, you vacant creature.
[Typhorius]: Isriun, arm the wench
Forum Consul shouts: Typhorius has joined the Red Team!
[Typhorius] shouts: *Ty strips off his chest armour
[Illwariel] takes his armour
[Typhorius] looks at Illwariel and smiles as he gives it to her
[Illwariel]: *whispers* Please, make it fast
[Typhorius] nods
[Qisa] limps by Anuk then lunges as she tries to slash at his throat
[Typhorius] barges into Qisa, full bodyslam
[Qisa] crashes into the far wall
[Illwariel]: *sighs*
[Anukshektep] gazes down at the woman who sought his blood.
[Typhorius] drags Qisa by the hair into the arena
[Qisa] is dragged
Forum Consul shouts: Qisa has joined the Blue Team!
[Typhorius]: Now then *grins*
[Aurylla] moves to where she will have a better view
[Illwariel]: *grabs for Laylias hand*
[Aurylla]: Well... THAT was anticlamtic...
[Typhorius] looks up at Aury "If you think you can do better, please do join
[Typhorius] prepares to lop off Qisa's head
[Aurylla]: I MEANT that the fight was all too short to provide entertainment, Typhorius
[Isriun]: Si -looks to Aurylla- you do much with wagging your tongue about
[Aurylla]: Typhorius.... You know.. she might have value, now she is defeated...
[Typhorius] shouts: "Illwariel, attend me!"
[Typhorius]: Check her pulse....
[Aurylla] glances at the foreign woman, annoyed.
[Illwariel] takes her hand, checks her pulse and leans over her chest and mouth to check her breathing
[Illwariel]: She is alive, master
[Illwariel]: Please, master, show mercy *tears flow down her cheek*
[Typhorius] growls "Why should this one be spared, Illwariel?"
[Anukshektep]: Sever her head, Typhorius. You know it is what your heart desires!
[Illwariel]: She serves her master. As others serve you
[Typhorius]: She brought the Harbinger of Kao close to our very gates
[Illwariel]: You can still use her to bait your enemy
[Anukshektep]: The slave speaks truly...
[Aurylla]: Indeed.
[Isriun]: Tch! She serves that purpose. Kill or do not, the Oscuro Espada comes regardless

[Typhorius]: Move away, Illwariel
[Aurylla] shrugs, uninterestedly
[Illwariel]: Please, master!
[Typhorius]: 3..
[Typhorius]: 2...
[Illwariel] moves back
[Illwariel] and cowers in fear
[Typhorius] slashes down, severing Qisa' throat and neck
[Layliia]: *mutters a prayer for the dying*
[Illwariel]: No!
[Typhorius]: ...Justice... has been served *growls*
[Illwariel] sobs
[Isriun]: -applauds-
[Anukshektep]: No matter. There are other lures you may use to draw out your enemy.
[Typhorius]: Oh, -he- will come now, regardless
[Typhorius] picks up Qisa's head
[Illwariel] looks miserable
[Layliia]: *looks at the head*
[Anukshektep]: Then you and I have something we must discuss. Once you have had your... fun.
[Typhorius] looks at Laylia "No"
[Typhorius]: No post-mortem actions, Laylia
[Layliia]: would I do such a thing?
[Layliia]: *smiles*
[Layliia]: I dont do necromancy
[Layliia]: nasty stinky thing
[Typhorius] nods to Anuk "indeed we have"
[Typhorius]: But for now, I need to sate other appetites.. Can it wait till the morrow?
[Anukshektep]: Of course.
[Typhorius]: And a cup of wine would not go amiss... for any of us, I assume
[Anukshektep] pardons himself quietly from the spectacle.
[Isriun]: Blood shed makes for mighty thrist Si
[Typhorius]: Come, Illwariel
Forum Consul shouts: Typhorius has left the fight.
[Illwariel]: You want your armour?
[Typhorius]: No... I like when my skin can breathe freely *smiles*
[Typhorius]: I am sorry you had to witness this, Illwariel. But your mistress would want to know this
[Layliia]: I will be on my way, interesting demonstration
[Typhorius] nods to Laylia "That's one way of putting it"
[Layliia]: to give it any other rational would be to suggest that you let vengence cloud your strategic judgement
[Layliia]: I view that as unlikely
[Typhorius] smiles wryly "This needed be done... For strategic reasons"
[Layliia]: indeed
[Typhorius]: I took no pleasure in it *shrugs*
[Layliia]: I felt the same way when I carved Satetka's heart from his chest
[Typhorius]: A swift kill, as Illwariel asked me to
[Typhorius] nods "Incidently I found his head in Aurellius' old office"'
[Illwariel]: *sighs*
Anukshektep has logged off.
[Layliia]: Satetka?
[Layliia]: yes he is annoying like that
[Typhorius] chuckles and nods
[Layliia]: Set and the Mouse have two things in common, the most annoying being that they cheat
[Typhorius] laughs "Indeed they do"
[Layliia]: anyway
[Typhorius] nods "I trust we will meet again, Laylia"
[Layliia]: *pulls some chalk from her pocket* have to go and report in
[Layliia]: I am sure
[Layliia]: *tosses the chalk, catches it and walks away*
[Typhorius] offers Illwariel a hand to rise
[Typhorius]: Come, you need wine after this spectacle
[Typhorius] pours a cup of wine and hands it to Illwariel
[Typhorius]: Drink this
[Illwariel]: Thank you, master
[Typhorius]: Yes, I know *grins* I am not supposed to serve -you-, but you seem shaken up
[Illwariel] receives the cup, presses it to her heat and sips some wine
[Isriun]: -smiles- I am sure you can ease her quivering, with another form of quivering Guapo
[Typhorius] gives Qisa's head to Isriun "A gift"
[Typhorius]: You decide what shall happen to.. it
[Illwariel] sees head and closes her eyes
[Typhorius]: The body will be staked out by the gate
[Isriun]: -takes the head- what a pretty thing she was, the lashing i understand Guapo but why mark yer face? The tongue can do little for me now -sets the head onto the table-
[Typhorius]: Then we shall have it delivered to Emil *smirks*
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