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Valeremil, Aquilonian Barbarian. RP background, former thief and street tough. Captured by guards and sold into slavery. Became a pit fighter. Currently is property of Aluraa, of House Merano.

Hypanike, Aquilonia Guardian. RP Background, Military officer in the Aquilonia Army of a rank equal to that of a Centurian. Leads a specialized cohort consisting of Aquilonian military and hand picked mercenaries.

'Scarlet' Auryla (spelled Aurylla in game) Cimmerian Dark Templar. RP background, Mercenary, Freebooter, and Raider. Known as 'Scarlet Auryla' for her penchant to wear the color red.

Korgrag Pict warrior (game mechanics have him as a Stygian Herald of Xolti) RP background. Pictish warrior who possesses wild, untamed, and uncontrolled magic. Set upon by his own tribe when his magic was revealed, he fled for his life. Forever exiled from his people, he must now walk amongst the outsiders, the peoples of the so-called 'civilized' nations. He searches for a mentor who can teach him to control his fearful, wild magic, before it consumes him...