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Jiahuo / Sep 26, 2015
I, Jiahuo of Paikang, have led this guild since rebranding it as Red Lotus over a year ago. In the past six months, it has grown beyond my expectations. However, now I am reaching a point in my life where I cannot contribute nearly as much as I would like to. Therefore, I am now stepping down as Guild Leader, and passing on the reins. Rafine is officially the new leader of Red Lotus. She will be in charge of all aspects of the guild moving forward. Please give her your full support. It was a pleasure and an honor to have been guild leader, and I will continue onwards with the guild as a member whenever I have the time to be online. Thank you.
Jiahuo / Sep 08, 2015
This Saturday, we will be hosting our very first auction in the Sailor's Den in Tarantia! I will be the host, and at the event, we will be selling a variety of goods, starting with blue gear for leveling people, then materials such as silk and metals, followed by any crafted goods we can offer. If anyone knows of any slaves seeking master, this is a good venue to have slaves sold to masters, whether permanent or temporary. After the auction, there will be drinks and discussions to be had! Be there, and if you have anything to sell, bring it!

Jiahuo / Jul 08, 2015
Tucked away in a shaded corner of the souk, a wiry little figure of a merchant frantically polished a lamp, one of several on display, for a customer to see.

"Purest gold, mined in Ophir and shaped by master craftsmen here in Turan! Fill it with the finest oils, and it burns brighter than the sun at night, and hardly ever needs cleaning!"

The customer, for his part, grunted and waved it away with a tattered, gloved hand. Wide-brimmed hat pulled low and a dusty cloak shrouding his frame, he loomed over the tiny merchant and his stand, throwing further shade onto it.

"I did not come seeking your finest wares, as you well know. When I was last here, you showed me a rusted old lamp, filled with a rather useless oil. Do you still have it?"

The merchant's smile retracted by a fraction of a width.

"Wares come and wares go, my esteemed sir. Many goods of such description have passed through this stand. Perhaps I can find something that suits your description?"

With a rustle of his cloak, the customer glanced up sharply, and from underneath the straw brim of his hat, two eyes glowed with a harsh fire.

"Who purchased this lamp and where did they take it?"

For his part, the merchant did well to withstand the glare for as long as he did. His smile wavered, cracked, then shattered, breaking into a wail of despair.

"They stole it, good sir! Thieves, in the night!"

"Quickly now, who were they? Do you know them?"

"I-I dare not name is not worth the risk-"

There was a sudden change at the stand, too slight for others to notice in the crowded souk, but just enough for the merchant to cease his stuttering. A blade pressed against his throat. A shadow of a figure stood behind him. The customer took a step towards the merchant.

"Who were they? Speak."

Straining against the blade at his throat, the merchant could only make out a hoarse whisper.

"Th-they were the Seers! The Black Seers of Yimsha!"

At once, the tension in the air snapped. The blade vanished. The merchant collapsed to his knees, rubbing the place at his neck where the blade had been. The customer turned his back, cloak kicking up dust in the dirty souk. The figure in the shadows stepped over the merchant, around the lamp display, and joined the customer's side. It spoke in a female purr.

"Why all the fuss? It was only a lamp..."

The customer turned to the shadow and chuckled, stroking a slim, black beard with a gloved hand.

"You of all people ought to know, that nothing is as it first appears."

He paused, and turned to the merchant at the lamp stand, who was still swaying to his feet. Reaching into the depths of his cloak, he threw out several strange coins, punched with square holes through their center. They clattered among the polished lamps.

"Thank you, for your business."
Jariana / Apr 04, 2014
Jariana smiled as she peered down from her perch on the top of the small fortress's keep, a cold Cimmerian wind causing her cloak to ripple behind her. Below her she could see a small team of workers hauling supplies and tools to the run down tradepost, continuing their repairs. Various debris could be seen across parts of the field between the inner and outer walls, indicating just how long the small redoubt had been abandoned.

Looking out past the walls of the fortress she gazed on the distant mountains and valley of the Lacheish Plains. Soon, she would be travelling back to Tarantia, partially for more supplies from the port city, but also to hopefully recruit her fellow mercenaries to this somewhat insane proposition. She knew the whole idea of setting up her own company of sellswords was honestly absurd. But, looking at the rugged beauty of the plain below and feeling the rough hewn stonework beneath her feet she felt, for the first time in a long while, alive.

Welcome everyone! While we are still in the process of getting everything and everyone here settled, I figured I would at least post a quick spot of news just welcoming you all on board. Please, feel free to take a look around here, drop off an introduction or story (or six) and just let us know what you think!

In the future, we'll be using this space to to talk about guild wide news and events, so keep an eye out for updates! Until then, see you around here on the forums or in game!