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Guild Rules
  1. Members are expected to understand and adhere to the Age of Conan End User License Agreement and Rules of Conduct.

  • Simply, do not do anything that could get you banned from the game (no hacking, use of exploits, harassment of others, etc.)

  • Offensive speech within guild channels will not be tolerated.  Use of racial slurs, religion bashing, derogatory sexual remarks, and any other patently offensive speech will be grounds for dismissal.

  • Respect your fellows.  Understand others have the right to say no to any request, and respect those decisions.

    • Likewise, if the actions of others are offensive or have made you uncomfortable, make sure you make this known.

  • Be a good representative for the guild. Once you have been invited to the guild you are our best and greatest form of advertisement to others.  Make sure that the image you present is in line with the guild’s expectations.

  • Abide by the 60 day rule.  If you will be gone for a period longer than 60 days, make sure to make this known to the leadership.  Characters who have been inactive for a period longer than 60 days will be removed.

    • In order to make the tracking of alts easier, please attach all of your alt characters to your main with the guild bot.  This way, an underplayed alt will not be removed from the guild if you are active on other characters.  If you are uncertain how to do this, please contact leadership.

  • Be willing to help out your fellow guild members. While it is not intended that you jump on every little thing people ask, remember we are a team and regular participation with the guild is expected.

  • Guild chat is…

  • Guild leadership may amend this set of rules at any time.  In addition leadership has the final say in any disputes and in the interpretation and enforcement of the rules.

    • All disciplinary action will be handled by the guild leadership.